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Water and Atmospheric Resources Monitoring Program (WARM)

Weather Soil Groundwater Sediment Streamflow Reservoirs

To Print the Monthly Tables:

1. Save the data file (or text file) to your hard drive. Use your web browser to navigate to the web page displaying the data you wish to print. Choose File --> Save As, and then in the resulting "Save As" box, choose a location on your hard drive to save the file. Click Save, which will put the text file on your computer's hard drive.

2. Open the file in WorkPad from your hard drive. To start WordPad go to Start --> Programs --> Accessories --> WordPad. Use File --> Open, and then in the "Open" box, navigate to the location where you saved the file during the last step. Select the file, and click the "Open" button. Select, or highlight, the entire page using Edit --> Select All. When selected, the text area will change to a black background and white lettering.

3. Set font type and size. Insure that the font type displays "Courier New" or "Courier" and that the font size in the font size box is set to 7.4. (If these bars are not displayed, click View-->Format Bar.) The default for these may indeed be Courier New, but initially it may display a font size of 10. If the text is still selected (black background), unselect it by clicking anywhere in the text area.

4. Print the page. Click on File-->Print. If the monthly table does not fit on a single 8.5 X 11 page, first try reducing the margin width. This can be changed in the "Page Setup" area (File-->Page Setup) by entering values of .25" for the left and right margins. If the text still will not fit on the printed page, then go back to 3 above, choose "Select All", and reduce the font size to 7.3. Keep reducing the size of the font by .1 until the page prints correctly.

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