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Illinois Climate Network: Monthly and Daily Data

Archived daily averaged (or totaled) data are available from the Illinois Climate Network in two formats. The first format lists data within "Monthly Tables," files ordered by month and station. These files are ASCII text, designed to be printed in a tabular structure. The second format lists daily information in two "Daily Data" datasets. The first set contains data from the start of record at each site (about 1989) up to and including the last full year of observation at each site. Data in the second daily dataset contains information for the current year up to a recent date. The format of these latter daily files is ASCII, comma delimited text, which should open nicely in any spreadsheet software.

An analysis of ICN’s solar radiation data (1990-2010) is available online. For more information about ICN’s solar radiation data, please contact the WARM program manager at jatkins@illinois.edu or (217) 333-4966.

A listing and explanation of column headers and units used by the "Daily Data" is provided as a separate item. Downloading of the entire "Daily Data" set is also available. Instructions on how to print the "Monthly Tables" on a single page are provided below.

Monthly Tables          Daily Data:  ~1989-2023  or  2024

Column header explanations and details on the data

Instrumentation and Calculated Parameters

A Guide to Illinois Climate Network (ICN) Soil Moisture Data

Help printing the Monthly Tables

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